Journal of Translational Medicine and Research
Vol. 22, Nr. 2, June 2017
The Salvage Liver Transplantation in the Treatment of Hepatocelullar Carcinoma
Răzvan Tudor Grigorie, Gheorghe Moisă, Irinel Popescu
CASE REPORT, June 2017
Article DOI: 10.21614/jtmr-22-2-120
Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the fifth most frequent cancer worldwide and in most cases it evolves on a cirrhotic liver, which requires a complex treatment strategy that includes different options. We present the case of a 62 years old patient, suffering from chronic HBV and HDV hepatitis, which was found, in 2011 with a 7 cm HCC located in the sixth segment of the liver and resected. Within less than a year, tumor relapse was detected (multiple nodules in the remaining sixth segment).
Systemic chemotherapy (Sorafenib) started being administered and two TACE procedures were performed at one year and seven months difference. Despite that, the CT and MRI showed the evolution of the disease. The therapy was stopped and the patient was listed for liver transplantation and the procedure was performed. The thirteen months post transplantation assessment showed no sign of tumor relapse. Abbreviations: HCC - hepatocellular carcinoma, HBV - hepatitis B virus, HDV - hepatitis D virus, TACE - transcatheter arterial chemoembolisation, MRI - magnetic resonance imaging, LT - liver transplantation, PEI - percutaneous ethanol injections, UCSF - University of California, San Francisco, MELD - Model for End-Stage Liver Disease, BCLC - Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer, HKLC - Hong Kong Liver Cancer, SLT - salvage liver transplantation

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